Median Individual Earnings, Kent County, MI 2000.

Narrative: "Earnings" are defined as the sum of wage or salary income and net income from self-employment. "Earnings" represent the amount of income received regularly for people 16 years old and over before deductions for personal income taxes, social security, bond purchases, union dues, medicare deductions, etc. Receipts from the following sources are not included as income: capital gains, money received from the sale of property (unless the recipient was engaged in the business of selling such property); the value of income "in kind" from food stamps, public housing subsidies, medical care, employer contributions for individuals, etc.; withdrawal of bank deposits; money borrowed; tax refunds; exchange of money between relatives living in the same household; and gifts and lump-sum inheritances, insurance payments, and other types of lump-sum receipts.

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Description: The median earnings for individuals in Kent County, MI 16 years old or over; represented as an average by census block groups for the 2000 U.S. Census.
Added/Updated: 1/9/2009
Timeframe: 1/1/2000 to 1/1/2000
Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Author: CRI--Community Research Institute
Data Provider: U.S. Census Bureau
Data Series: Decennial Census, 2000
Original release date: 08/06/2002
Universe: Population 16 years and older with earning
Tags: U.S. Census, income, earnings, maps

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