Estimate of Charitable Giving in Kent County, Mich. for 2011

Narrative: Each year, the Johnson Center for Philanthropy estimates the total amount of charitable giving in Kent County, Mich., using multiple sources of data from the most recent year for which adequate data are available. The estimates given in this data brief are for the year 2011. Separate estimates are given for the amount donated from four sources: individuals, bequests/estates, foundations, and corporations. The annual Giving USA report is the source of national comparison data. Dollar amounts have not been adjusted for inflation. In 2011, we estimate that donors of all types located in Kent County gave a total of $624,714,866. This represents an increase of almost $10 million from our estimate of 2010 total giving.

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Description: Recommended Citation: Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, "Estimate of Charitable Giving in Kent County, Mich. for 2011" (2013). JCP Publications. Paper 3.
Added/Updated: 11/13/2013
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Author: Johnson Center for Philanthropy
Data Provider: Giving USA, Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Census, Foundation Center, Bureau of Economic Analysis
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Original release date: 11/13/2013
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